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Custom Build Plate


Custom Build Plate for Flashforge Creator, Creator X, Creator Pro and CTc Replicator printers. Please specify when ordering.

Introducing our improved build plate designed to hold Glass or FR-4 using small binder clips without sacrificing real estate. The clips attach to Tabs that are outside the build area.

"Printing on Glass is my favorite method and having the clips outside the build area means I can print without losing space on the plate. Another thing I like is I can remove the finished part from the printer and put a fresh glass sheet in and keep on going. What BoxBot has done is absolutely brilliant! Well worth the money spent. Thanks to Bill at BoxBot for providing a great innovation." - Mark, a Flashforge Creator Pro user from Utah. 

Please allow two to three weeks for delivery as these plates are custom made by us for your order,

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BB Buildplate.jpg
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