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Great printer for the beginning hobbyist and for use in the class room.  This printer will allow you to print in PLA and all its variants.  Featuring a solid aluminum build plate and an enclosed printing space.  Printing using the more forgivable PLA plastic will provide you countless hours of project building.

Single extruder, PLA printer

Prints 1.75mm filament
Build Size: 150x150x220mm / 5.9x5.9x8.6in
Print Speed: 30-150mm/s
Print Precision: 0.1-0.2mm
Layer Thickness: 0.1-0.3mm
Extruder Size: 0.4mm
USB and SD card slot

wt: 11kg / 24.25 lbs
dimensions: 325x303x428mm / 12.8x11.9x16.9in

Ships in 1-3 days

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mini001 square.jpg